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Customized Training/Education

Do your executives have the skills they need to lead your organization in our turbulent new world? Are they aware of the challenges involved in managing a knowledge-based enterprise? Are your teams having trouble working together?

Jana Ertrachter is a sought-after educator, specifically in areas related to organizational development, action-oriented planning, group effectiveness, marketing, customer service, and fundraising. She has taught groups of all sizes and levels important concepts that are key to the organization’s success.

Benefits to your organization:

Access to a variety of marketing and management training programs within various- size companies in multiple industries

Learning vital information from interaction with (while discreetly taking the pulse of) frontline troops and direct reports

Assessment of your organizational environment and then development of specific training that aligns the organizations’ direction and priorities with the culture

Jana Ertrachter is professional, organized, energetic, engaging, and enthusiastic. She is thorough, precise, and strategic in her thinking. The quality of the training and education products is just extraordinary.


Carolyn Ettlinger
The Housing Partnership of Northeast Florida