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“A strong value-added consultant who always brings something to the table, Jana Ertrachter’s work is very practical. It’s not esoteric or academic. You always leave with something that can be operationalized.

She moves at a fast pace but still listens quite well, and is very quick at picking up how things work and understanding issues, with a lot of energy. She knows her stuff in terms of elements of doing plans. Her experience and organization help shorten the process.

She is really good at organizing and structuring a meeting that works and is outcome based. Jana has a good sense of how to go about doing research on issues so she can do the groundwork on something that needed to be sorted out. She is very good at consolidating and synthesizing data.

She really gets to the core of the issue, problem, or opportunity. She sorts through the periphery and gets to the heart of it. We came away with the major strategic issues that we have to plan around. Being able to sort through a host of things and get down to the critical few was vitally important.

Our strategic planning process was actually fun. People had a ball, it wasn’t just slogging through data.

Everyone who participated was really thrilled with the experience. Since she has both corporate and nonprofit experience, she brings a sense of understanding both worlds, and can give you the best of both worlds.”

Sandy Cook, Women’s Giving Alliance