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“Jana Ertrachter connects with people and gets them moving. She has such a nice way about her. She knows exactly what she’s doing and makes you feel comfortable, whether she’s in facilitation or strategic planning mode.

There are a lot of good facilitators who are process oriented and who ask the right questions. But with Jana you get a true sense of engagement…She gets everyone engaged and willing to step out of their comfort zones. She can help you take a big, complex picture apart. She helps you see individual pieces of it, then helps put it back together in a picture that you feel like you’ve helped define.

She knows how to work the process of folks developing, conversing, and brainstorming—even through random thoughts. She can take this raw data and make sense out of it. She understands that the work is arduous and sometimes you do have to struggle with pieces. She works very well in a group setting to help people walk through it without letting themselves get too frazzled or distracted.

Jana is professional, an excellent strategist, and very engaging. She sets an open, warm environment, with people wanting to join in.”

Marci Larson, International Association of Business Communicators
—Jacksonville Chapter