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“Jana Ertrachter is so much a part of our life here, I can’t imagine doing business without her.

Our work with Jana has given us a measurement orientation, and a way to build our managers up. We shifted our culture so our managers now understand both the strategic initiatives and how to build accountability on a day-to-day basis. Now we work with purpose about what we’re doing.

We brought Jana in because we were frustrated trying to articulate our messages. We began to work on the broad issues—what did we think we were saying, what were we really saying. That gave us the basis for our strategic plan.

She has been involved in everything from the communications plan to the strategic plan to the operational plan. She is bright, intuitive, watches dynamics, and sees strengths and weaknesses of our team. She is a great sounding board as well as someone who gives me great advice.

There are plenty of people who can run meetings and do an okay job. But when Jana says she’s going to run a meeting, it’s really well done. You have background materials, meeting notes are turned around quickly and professionally done, and there are clear expectations. Everything is top notch.

She is professional, organized, energetic, engaging, and enthusiastic. She is thorough, precise, and strategic in her thinking. The quality of her training and education products is just extraordinary.”

Carolyn Ettlinger, The Housing Partnership of Northeast Florida