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“Originally we brought Jana Ertrachter in because of her customer service and her background and experience, and her work has blossomed as our organization has grown. (Since she has been working with us, our daily patient census has grown from 275 to 1,400, and we’ve gone from 300 to 800 employees.) We’ve branched out very quickly and communications were not always keeping pace with our growth.

Jana took us to the next level on strategic planning. We had strategic planning before Jana came, but it’s now woven into the fabric of all of our lives—at all levels of the organization. Now when you say strategic planning, all the way down to the field—people get it. She helped us get to that place. Before that, strategic planning was considered to be just among the upper levels.

Another of Jana’s core strengths is group facilitation. She is so good at being able to articulate the different perspectives in the group and then bring them into alignment—really getting people to think about what they are saying, and then helping to figure out how do we take that out to the community at large, our staff, whoever it needs to go out to.

She also helped us see the bigger picture with communications. Jana is able to work with all types and levels of people. She helps bring us all together and talk about issues—where are we going and why are we going there…and once we defined that…how are we going to let everyone know so we’re all going in the same direction.

She’s very focused once she understands what you want from her (and often she has helped us understand what it was that we really needed). She is so quick and responsive to set things in motion, and very task oriented, able to put things in writing to help us remember what we did and move forward. She is very strong at getting us to commit to actions.

Jana brings us such a practical, realistic yet optimistic perspective to her interactions with us about customer service, communications, organizational development—any of the areas where she has vast knowledge. She’s able to drill planning down to application, and that’s a real strength.”

Kathy Johnson, Community Hospice of Northeast Florida