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“Jana Ertrachter is a wonderful group facilitator—she builds great rapport with individuals.

Her knowledge of strategic work and organizational development really helps her bring groups to consensus. She has a really good base of knowledge about organizations and how they work.

When we called Jana, we were changing ways we do our work, adding territories, launching a capital campaign. We had so many things swirling around—it seemed really important to focus on where we were and what our priorities would be for the next few years so we didn’t get off track or bogged down in one area that was less important than others.

She collected information that was critical for us, and helped us analyze it. Now we have a really good sense of where we are. We know how our constituents feel, how the community feels about us, we know what perceptions are out there (good and bad), and we know how our funders think about us. We have a really good snapshot in time.

What makes Jana different from other consultants is a focus on the organization’s culture and how to get there. She has a whole-scale approach versus piece meal. First she thinks globally, identifying the root cause; then she looks at the smaller pieces and how they impact the big picture.

Jana’s professional view and ability to frame the organizational context is huge. She is high-energy, personable, knowledgeable, inclusive, and committed to providing a quality end product.”

Sam Tysver, Girl Scouts of Gateway Council