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In a recent survey, clients identified five key points that describe the Ertrachter Group experience:

A vast knowledge base of insights gleaned from experience with a variety of for profit and charitable organizations. “Since Ertrachter Group has both corporate and nonprofit experience, they bring a sense of understanding both worlds, and can give you the best of both worlds. Being able to sort through a host of things and get down to the critical few was vitally important.”

Processes that make strategic thinking constructive and gratifying—dare we say…even fun? “It was fun. People had a ball—it wasn’t just slogging through data.”

Engaging group facilitation that produces synergy, accountability, and action. “Ertrachter Group sets an open, warm environment, with people wanting to join in.”

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High-energy training and education that leave groups energized and ready to move forward. “Jana Ertrachter connects with people and gets them moving.”

Highly effective executive coaching based on expertise in the dynamics of leadership in complex organizations. “Jana Ertrachter is a great sounding board as well as someone who gives me great advice.”

Below is a small sampling of what our clients have to say about working with Jana Ertrachter at Ertrachter Group: